Guggenheim: Hilma af Klint

major exhibit of abstract, spiritually-inspired art

See February 9th, 2pm, on our program page for details of our museum walk for the Af Klint exhibit.
While it deals only with her early works, the Guggenheim’s exhibit of the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint has an important link to Rudolf Steiner. He visited her studio in 1908 and according to her memoirs advised her to develop her own powers rather than working mediumistically. While a current view sees Steiner’s advice as “the worst studio visit ever,” Klint herself followed it and stayed in touch with him, visiting the Goetheanum several times.
Her later work is not considered in this exhibit, the focus being on how a little-known woman painter was actually doing important abstract art before the famous men.
The Guggenheim exhibit is up for some months to come and certainly recommended. For a more accurate account of her whole life work there is a 2016 article in the Guardian.

Rudolf Steiner's 1923
Verse to America.

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Current Exhibit:
Members’ Group Show
Organized by Sylvia Mandel
By members & from members’ personal collections; organized by Sylvia Mandel. David Anderson Kelly Beekman John Oliver Browne Penny Carter Barbra Frankel Lani Kennefick Linda Larson Nancy Macina Sylvia Mandel Eli Thomas Katherine Vode


Rudolf Steiner looked deeply into the contrasting spiritual cultures of “the West” and “the East” in this classic lecture series.


Edmond Schoorel was born in Indonesia in 1947. He studied medicine and pediatrics in the Netherlands. Since 1996 he has worked as a pediatrician at the Children’s Therapy Clinic (Kindertherapeuticum) in Utrecht, Netherlands, which specialises in anthroposophical approaches to children's health and wellbeing.

A Healing Art

How Eurythmy Lives in the World
Our own Linda Larson speaks to The Soul of the American Actor about eurythmy...[read more].


Exhibit Online

The Growing Imagination Web Gallery
Displayed in Centerpoint Gallery in Spring 2015, this exhibition of paintings is now online. It is by artists following Rudolf Steiner's Training path for painters, a working group led by David Taulbee Anderson. Visit the group on Facebook: "Rudolf Steiner's Training Path for Painters."


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February 2019

02 Saturday, 7pm
Festival evening

Turning Point of the New Year

Marta Stemberger

08 Friday, 7pm
Special members’ evening

ASNYC Members Meeting


09 Saturday, 2pm
Museum walk

Hilma Af Klint

Joyce Reilly & Doug Safranek
at the Guggenheim

10 Sunday, 3pm
New monthly study group

What to Eat?

11 Monday, 7pm
Monthly eurythmy workshop

The Loom of Time

Linda Larson

13 Wednesday, 7pm
Monthly lecture - spiritual history


David T. Anderson

18 Monday, 7pm
Aquarius eurythmy circle

Share Your Light

Marta Stemberger

22-23 Fri 6:30pm, Sat 9:30am
First Class meetings

For members of the School of Spiritual Science

23 Saturday, 2pm
Afternoon talk

Towards a Deepening of the Christmas Foundation Impulse

Gino Ver Eecke

27 Wednesday, 7pm

Honoring Rudolf Steiner