Sun in Taurus

New essay on astrosophy
On May 14th, the Sun entered the stars of the Bull, Taurus. It will leave the Bull and enter the Twins on St. John's Day, Summer Solstice, June 21st. [read more].
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A breakthrough in social research: 1999's The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World.


Just a hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner outlined how free individuals could live together in today's globalizing civilization.

Rudolf Steiner's 1923
Verse to America.

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Theme of the Year
“Light and Warmth for the Human Soul”

The new international theme for the year is available online.

“In recent years we have approached the questions of self-knowledge and world knowledge from various angles in our work, asking also about the mission of evil in the evolution of the spiritual (or consciousness) soul. Current events, with the constant increase of wars, terror attacks, social tensions as well as the concentration of political power in the hands of individuals, affect us in existential ways. The loss of reality that comes with digitalization as well as new technologies which even presage the end of humanity confront us more urgently than ever with the question as to our true inner essence and spiritual destiny. How we think of ourselves – whether we see ourselves as animals or machines – will determine our reality.”Continue reading...

If you wish to borrow books from the library or wish to become part of the Library Committee or simply would like to help as a volunteer, please contact Albert Spekman, or simply come during bookstore hours and ask the person on duty. The use of the library is free to current members. The library places over 2,000 books at your disposal. They are arranged into two sections: books by Rudolf Steiner arranged by title, and books by other authors arranged by author. We are proud to offer you a great selection of titles on varied themes: Esoteric Studies, Meditation, Inner Development, Reincarnation and Karma, Life after Death, Social Renewal, the Gospels, Nature and Biodynamics, and the Arts. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource. Procedures for borrowing books are stated on the linked page.
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Art Opening

"Textiles for the Soul"
Opening April 22, 2-4pm

Exhibitions can be viewed by appointment please email to schedule an appointment.

Barbra Frankel lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her textile work and design include spinning fiber, organic fiber dying, weaving, and embroidery paintings. The Dragonfly Triptych was done over a two-year period, between 2011-12 and took its inspiration from a visit by a dragonfly in Montana. As it alighted on a companions cuff for a minute I got a chance to see all its glorious beauty. A soul journey began!

Nancy Jackson (1956 Chicago) is an artist who works in many different media, usually gouache on paper. In 2014 she created 14 unique felt appliqué pieces by hand. Each piece includes her paintings made into a lenticular 'flip' prints. These are sewn into the textiles so that the image shifts and changes from different angles. More of Nancy's work can be seen at

Judit Gilbert is a fiber artist who specializes in creating felted wool pictures for children. She depicts scenes from fairy tales and images of her own imagination. She plant-dyes the fleece herself, often using plants from her garden. Judit is a co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio in Chestnut Ridge, New York, where she teaches classes on both wet and needle felting, spinning, and plant-dyeing. Her wool paintings can be seen at  

A Healing Art

How Eurythmy Lives in the World
Our own Linda Larson speaks to The Soul of the American Actor about eurythmy...[read more].


Exhibit Online

The Growing Imagination Web Gallery
Displayed in Centerpoint Gallery in Spring 2015, this exhibition of paintings is now online. It is by artists following Rudolf Steiner's Training path for painters, a working group led by David Taulbee Anderson. Visit the group on Facebook: "Rudolf Steiner's Training Path for Painters."


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May 2018

19 Saturday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

From the Great Lakes
to the Great Salt Lake

Eugene Schwartz

21 Monday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Gemini Eurythmy Circle

Be Free & Shine

Marta Stemberger

25 Friday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

Heartfelt Thinking, part 2

Serguei Krissiouk

26 Saturday, 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

The 33-Year Rhythm & the Stars in Biography

Jonathan Hilton

Willi Sucher

31 Thursday, 7pm
Reports & Conversation

From the Goetheanum

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