Saturday, May 25, 2019

7 pm – 8:30 pm

138 West 15th Street, NYC (between 6th and 7th avenues)

Eurythmy Performance. $20 suggested fee. Buy tickets in advance.

Eurythmy Spring Valley Postgraduate Performance



Five eurythmists—from Taiwan, Slovenia, and the United States—have been deepening their skills in the harmonious movement art of eurythmy during the 5th year postgraduate training at Eurythmy Spring Valley. They will share their program, which includes eurythmy choreography to the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Arnold Schoenberg; and to the poetry by Rudolf Steiner, Mary Oliver, Shel Silverstein, Li Qing Zhao, and more!

$20 suggested fee.
Buy tickets in advance.
Space is limited.
Cash only at the door.

A rare opportunity
to see a live eurythmy performance
in the Big Apple!



Eurythmy is the breathing, alive space among people; it’s the flow of energy as we move along, towards, through, past each other. Not just “dancing with” as in folk dance, or “dancing at” as in ballet, but consciously cultivating the aliveness among the movers, between the movers and observers. Time and space are crafted into a magical opening where we can all glimpse our own true dreams, the dreams that we were born with, the path of humaneness that awaits our discovery.

As integrated harmonious movement system, eurythmy makes the pictures we form in our mind visible: sounds of speech, tones in music, colors, gestures for soul moods, principles to move in space. Eurythmy offers a set of tools for transforming the inner activity and spiritual exploration into conscious harmonious movement. Thus movement, created in eurythmy, includes all aspects of our humanness. 

When the sounds of language and song are intoned, they set into motion, unique, yet invisible gestures through the air. Artistically expressed, they reveal the specific gestures belonging to each consonant or vowel, each musical tone or interval. These innate forms living in sound, within our souls and in the world become the basis for the art form of eurythmy.

In eurythmy, one sculpts the space, the air, the energy around oneself to make speech visible; one expands the sphere around oneself within which music becomes visible. Words, thoughts, music, images, made visible through harmonious movement, lighten people’s burdens, lift their hearts, reawaken their Souls.

Eurythmy—performance art, pedagogical tool, movement therapy, social art, spiritual practice—created at the beginning of the 20th century by Rudolf Steiner, is now emerging from obscurity at this poignant moment in human evolution.

To learn more about the harmonious movement art of eurythmy, visit the web pages of Eurythmy Spring Valley and hAmoves Eurythmy.

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