Saturday, September 14, 2019

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

138 West 15th Street, NYC (between 6th and 7th avenues)

A monthly session. $5 suggested donation.


The Vedic Square is a variation on a typical 9×9 multiplication table which is a source of many Islamic patterns and symmetric art patterns


Geometry Salon meets monthly to explore the intersection of Art and Geometry. Topics have included Islamic and Cosmatesque Design, Projective Geometry, Classical Constructions, Form Drawing, and more. Our main presenters are Steve Pomerantz, John Lloyd, and Steve Bass. We rotate facilitators to lead discussions and drawing through a range of examples drawn from history.

Accessible to people with all levels of drawing experience. Bring your imagination… and a ruler, compass, paper, pencils. Additional materials that could be useful include: colored pencils, watercolors, and some paper at least 8 1/2” x 11”. We will have some extra supplies for people who need them.

We will be meeting in a beautiful sunny room generously provided by Anthroposophy NYC. (We are requesting a $5 contribution from everyone to cover the use of the space.)


Future dates: October 12, November 9, December 21, January 11, February 22, March 14, April 18, May 16, June 6, July 11, August 8


At September meeting, we will be drawing patterns based on magic squares from the Vedic Tradition, which I (John Lloyd) learned from Pieter Weltevrede and Mavis Gewant.

In October, Steve Pomerantz will be showing us how to draw Cosmati patterns.

In November, Steve Bass will be showing us how to draw Rose Windows,

In December, Steve Pomerantz will continue to show us how to develop Cosmati patterns.

In January, Kelly Beekman will be show us how to draw the planetary seals of Rudolf Steiner (based on a seven pointed star).

In the Spring of 2020, we will explore patterns from Islamic Cultures and learn how to draw the Shri Yantra from the Vedic Tradition.


Geometry images below are by Steve Pomerantz.