Exploring the Cosmic Purpose of Human Creativity NOW

For the Spring 2019 season at Anthroposophy NYC, the newly formed Programs Leadership Group strung together a series of events—talks and performances—that explore the cosmic purpose of human creativity now. A vast topic, indeed, but at the very core of our humanness. The presenters were not asked to prepare or adjust their content to the title of the series; their existing talks and performances were picked as they are and woven into a string that runs through April, May, and June. Each presenter highlights a different aspect of the puzzle of human existence, and offers us thoughts for contemplation. The series is not meant to be comprehensive; its purpose is to inspire living thinking in our minds and active engagement in our souls. And perhaps a pearl of wisdom will emerge within each one of us that may lead to concrete action in our daily lives, one step at the time.

The Cosmic Purpose of Human Creativity NOW began on the last Saturday of March with Abraham Entin’s performance “Who Do We Owe?” An inquiry that connected the struggles we all face with social activism of the 1960s and 1970s, and the French revolution’s motto: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. Adding Rudolf Steiner’s insights, Abraham Entin ended with a song that he wrote:

“We want freedom.
We need justice.
We choose love.”

Be free us an individual. Strive for social equality. Approach economy with love.

The series continues this Saturday, April 13 at 2 pm with a look at technology. Gary Lamb will share some of Rudolf Steiner’s prophetic indications on the role technology will play in human and earth evolution, and how these relate to us now. For further information, click here to visit the event’s page.

Then on April 27 at 7 pm, Eugene Schwartz, a seasoned lecturer, will introduce anthroposophy as a path of social activism. Eugene will describe some of Rudolf Steiner’s contemplative and meditative exercises, and explore the results of Steiner’s spiritual activism. For further information, click here to visit the event’s page.

On May 1 at 7 pm, Lisa Romero, a very active anthroposophist from Australia, will present her new book A Bridge to Spirit about understanding self-development, consciousness-altering substances, and their effect. For further information, click here to visit the event’s page.

The month of May is dedicated to performing arts at Anthroposophy NYC. Stay tuned to learn more about the music, acting, and eurythmy performances later in April.

We will conclude the flowering month of May with a talk by Peter Snow on how Steiner’s view of Kabbalah can be seen illustrated in the structure and decoration of the Rosslyn Chapel (May 31 at 7 pm). He will also share some tales from the Celtic lands on June 1 at 7 pm.

In June, some more events are being planned. Stay tuned as the Spring season and the series Cosmic Purpose of Human Creativity NOW progresses. Sign up for weekly eNews to receive reminders and updates.