Membership Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters of Anthroposophy,

Rudolf Steiner made clear that all persons who think that anthroposophy should exist in the world and that the Anthroposophical Society can be a vehicle for its existence and development are welcome to become members. There are no other requirements for membership in the public, non-sectarian Anthroposophical Society.

This year, we are making a concerted effort to reach out to all of you to ask that you consider becoming a member (or renewing as a member) of Anthroposophy NYC (Anthroposophical Society in America: New York Branch). The urgent need for a new spiritual life in the world makes our vital and active presence important for New York City as well as for anthroposophy. We hope over the year to offer foundational studies courses in anthroposophy, to bring leading anthroposophical thinkers and teachers to New York City, and to cultivate the life and work of anthroposophy in a wide range of offerings. Anthroposophy NYC can become not only a local center of anthroposophical activity but an international resource as well. We are uniquely positioned for this work in New York because of the central Manhattan location of our bookstore and lovely auditorium where we host a wide range of activities.

We also plan to offer a broader level of communication through regular newsletters, program announcements, and face-to-face exchanges at events. You can browse the up-to-date program listing on Public Events page of our website.

This year, we ask you for your participation in the renewal of the work at Anthroposophy NYC, and to accomplish this, your membership! However, your presence is most important to us. So even if membership is not right for you at this time, we welcome your contributions as a volunteer and/or your financial support. Your donations, if you prefer, can be matched to specific wish list items.

Please complete the membership form by clicking here. (You can also download the printable form by clicking here.) We stress that everyone is welcome to be a member of Anthroposophy NYC, and that financial limitations are not a barrier to membership or event attendance. However, maintaining a building and staging events in NYC calls for strong financial support. This is always a challenge. So, we ask that you consider the value to the world, our city, and ourselves of what we do when you determine your dues payment.

Thank you for helping us to ensure that anthroposophy is a vital and active presence in New York City!

Warm regards on behalf of the Council,

Jonathan Hilton, President