This page lists resources and activities related to the work of the late Georg Kuehlewind. [Originally posted in 2006 - slightly updated in 2018.]

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An Interview with Georg Kühlewind by Geoff Swaebe

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March 2006 Letter to the New York Branch of the Anthroposophical Society


Georg Kühlewind – Gyorgy Szekely
March 6th 1924 – January 15th 2006

    For more than a decade, Georg Kuhlewind has been a frequent lecturer at the New York Branch, and indeed in celebration of his eightieth birthday, became our first "honorary member". Georg has given at least thirty lectures at the Branch, and each one finely crafted, carefully delivered, and sensitively explained. Yet when I think back on this remarkable contribution to our spiritual life here in New York, I recall not only the many gifts that Georg gave to us, but also I recall - The Introductions!

    Every time Georg spoke, no matter how well he was known, loved or respected, we honored the form that dictated that "the lecturer is introduced". More than being a way to make sure that newcomers knew who was about to speak to them, these introductions gave those who were close to Georg and his work an opportunity to bring this inner experience into their own words and images, to formulate rather than re-formulate a something uniquely theirs. We heard new stories, profound insights, old jokes in a new light, and on one notable occasion, an extraordinary and original poem!

    I enjoyed these introductions immensely (especially if I was not giving one!) and knew that they were as carefully and seriously worked upon as if they were the lecture itself. But besides my delight in these original and inspiring events, I see that this reflects a characteristic gesture of Georg in our world. Georg did not seek to overwhelm his hearers with his own content or inspire imitation or adulation - he inspires us to begin our own original work! Georg was a friend and colleague to us here; this generous gesture grew about naturally through the collaborative relationships that were nurtured as he shared his deepest being in this space.

    In the last series of lectures that Georg gave, he emphasized this word "beginning". The gospel of John, so integral to Georg's life, has as its first words "In Beginning..." - in this activity of beginning. He spoke of the human being as the only being that had the ability to truly begin anew, to throw off habits, forms, fears, and take real initiative, real creation. Georg's profound interest in children, in protecting and nurturing their original gifts and powerful responses to this world, is another reflection of his impulse to help us all to truly begin. May we hear this call and have the courage of the child in us to make a strong and heart-felt beginning in the healing of the earth, its people, and each other.

    As we experience his loss here in New York, as indeed all over the world, may we be comforted and inspired, because Georg is truly in the midst of his own new beginning, where he is most completely at home.

           Joyce Reilly



The Following links are courtesy of Joe Proskauer:


"In What Respect Are Star Children Different?" 

Article by Georg Kühlewind in Research Bulletin
(Research Institute for Waldorf Education), Vol 8 No. 6 (June 2003)

   , pp.19-22



"What  is Going On with Our Children?"

Article by Georg Kühlewind in SteinerBooks Education Catalog  2004/2005 , p. 44

"The Importance of the First Three Years."

Article by Georg Kühlewind in Gateways
(Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Assoc. of North America ),
Issue 32 (Spring 1997)


From Star Children and Difficult Children by Georg Kühlewind.

Forward by Georg Kühlewind:

"Know Thyself: Epistemological  Reflections."

Chapter 1 of Georg Kühlewind's The Life of the Soul Between subconsciousness and   supraconsciousness: Elements of a spiritual Psychology

Translated by Michael Lipson, Lindisfarne Press.  (1982 1990). 



"I Am Awareness."  An excerpt from Georg Kuehlewind's 'Awareness and Devotion'

(Aufmerksamkeit und Hingabe) Chapter Four;  trans. Mark Robertson, rev. Doris Jordi.    

"The Observation of Consciousness."

Extracts from Georg Kühlewind's book, The Logos-Structure of the World:  Language as         Model of Reality :


Other Authors on the web in English with references to Georg Kühlewind

"Liminal performances: unveiling -- the logos, revealing -- the mythos." 

Theater Arts professor Ray Munro (Clark University) describes rehearsal exercises         derived from Kühlewind's work which he  uses to help actors "become" their characters. 


"The Message Today's Children Bring." 

Interview with Henning Köhler, by Thomas Stockli, in Das Goetheanum No. 11 (March    11 2001).


"The Water of Life" by Laszlo Boeszoermenyi

"Kuehlewind-Steiner" discussion group

A public discussion on the work of Georg Kühlewind and the connection to the work of     Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy. In English and German.   


Georg Kühlewind in Norwegian (courtesy of Torbjørn Eftestøl):

"A translation of the chapter Mensch und Automat from Das Licht des Wortes – Welt, Sprache, Meditation
and a presentation of Kühlewind written by myself. They are both published on the magazine Vorden (becoming) where all is in Norwegian language."

Vom Verschwinden der Lernlust" - broadcast 18.06.2005. 

            Excerpts from interview and lecture held April 13 2005
            at University of Klagenfurt, Austria.

Georg Kühlewind in French   

"Les enfants Etoiles parmi nous." 

Interview with François Lusseyran et Anne Charrière in 1-2-3 Soleil (Revue de L'Association des Parents et Amis de la Pédagogie Steiner, L'APAPS), N. 3 (May 2003), pp. 4-7. 


Georg Kühlewind in Italian

Ogni Uomo E' Una Stella. 

Intervista di Geoff Swaebe a Georg Kühlewind sugli star children. 


Georg Kühlewind in German

"Vom Verschwinden der Lernlust" - broadcast 18.06.2005. 

            Excerpts from interview and lecture held April 13 2005
            at University of Klagenfurt, Austria.

Seit seiner Emeritierung widmet sich der mittlerweile über 80-jährige, international bekannte Physiker Georg Kühlewind anthroposophischen Themen.  Im besonderen befasst er sich seit Jahren mit der "neuen Kindergeneration", den sogenannten      "Sternkindern".  "Was geschieht mit der Neugierde des Kleinkinds?" fragt sich Kühlewind angesichts der bemerkbaren Lernunlust bereits unter Grundschülern. Ausschnitte aus einem Interview und dem Vortrag, den Kühlewind am 13.04.2005 an der Alpen-Adria-Universität hielt.


"Begabt oder gefährdet? - Die Probleme der neuen Kindergeneration" -


Lecture broadcast 17.04.2004. 
Vortrag von Prof. Georg Kühlewind (Budapest) über zeitgeistige Phänomene wie "Aufmerksamkeits-Defizit-Syndrom","Hyperaktivität", "Verhaltensstörungen" etc. und seine Deutung dieser zunehmenden "Auffälligkeiten" im Verhalten heutiger Kinder.  

Other authors on the web in German with references to Georg Kühlewind


"Georg Kühlewind ist tot."  From MoMent, Monatschrift der  Freie Waldorf-Schule Wien

            (Vienna), p. 23.

"Georg Kühlewind."  Chapter 6.4 in Rudolf Steiners Begriff der Denk-Beobachtung      

by Michael Muschalle:           


"Wissenschaftlichkeit der Anthroposophie und der Übungsweg.  

(Der Fluss der zeitlosen Gegenwart)."  Article by Laszlo Böszörmenyi


Marximus und Anthroposophie.

Book by Christoph Strawe, with several references to Kühlewind --> Literatur 

Kreative Organisationsgestaltung und berufliche Bildung in Freiheit - Ausbildung als „Bildung."

Thomas Fritz -- Doctoral Dissertation -- Fakultät für Sozial- und   Verhaltenswissenschaften der Ebenhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, 2005 (link may no longer be available)