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Centerpoint Gallery

Current Exhibit:
Members’ Group Show

Organized by Sylvia Mandel

By members & from members’ personal collections; organized by Sylvia Mandel. David Anderson • Kelly Beekman • John Oliver Browne • Penny Carter • Barbra Frankel • Lani Kennefick • Linda Larson • Nancy Macina • Sylvia Mandel • Eli Thomas • Katherine Vode

February 2019

02 Saturday, 7pm, donations welcome
Festival evening

Turning Point of the New Year

Marta Stemberger

At the beginning of February each year, the sap in the trees begins to flow upwards. The festival of Candlemas or Imbolc or St. Brigid’s Day or Groundhog Day marks this turning point. In the Chinese lunar calendar, the New Moon around this time begins the New Year. Explore the depths and heights that are ready to unfold for you in 2019, the year of Earth Pig or Boar, which corresponds to Scorpio in the Western horoscope. The constellation of the Scorpion is related to the Eagle of the past, and can potentially be transformed into the Dove of the Holy Spirit for the future. What do you need to do now to assist your personal process of going deeper, yet being aware of the bigger picture? What amazing seed do you choose to nurture this year? We’ll ponder the mysteries of Soul’s journey through the seasons, based on insights by Rudolf Steiner.

Marta Stemberger, MA:— see February 18.

08 Friday, 7pm
Special members’ evening

ASNYC Members Meeting

A special members meeting, at which Ryan Freeman, Council Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Leadership Group, will present the 2019 budget for ASNYC. We welcome your participation and questions.

09 Saturday, 2pm at the Guggenheim
Museum walk

Hilma Af Klint

Joyce Reilly & Doug Safranek

Come with us to “Paintings for the Temple,” a glorious exhibit of the pioneer abstract painter Hilma af Klint. Predating Kandinsky and Mondrian, af Klint painted her inspiration from spirit guides in the period 1906-1915; she met Rudolf Steiner in 1908 and consulted with him thereafter. The Guggenheim is a splendid setting for this extraordinary woman’s stunning art. We meet in the foyer at 2pm for a walk through the extensive exhibit, chatting along the way, then repair to a coffee spot for further conversation. For free or discounted tickets, visitwww.guggenheim.org/plan-your-visit/discounts, scroll down to “Culture Pass.” NY State resident members of the NY Public Library, or Brooklyn or Queens Library, get free tickets viawww.culturepass.nyc.

Joyce Reilly: (branch member since 1985) has co-led these museum walks for more than a decade. A psychotherapist and teacher by training, Joyce is interested in the arts as the deepest expression of our humanness. Studying in Florence as a young woman, she discovered also how the spirit touches the human through brush, pen, and chisel.

Doug Safranek: (also a long-time member) teaches egg tempera technique at the Art Students League of NY; his work is in private and public collections (Norton Museum of Art, NY Historical Society, Museum of the City of NY, the Met Museum) and he is represented by ACA Galleries in NYC.

10 Sunday, 3pm
New monthly study group

What to Eat?

Insights from Anthroposophy

Paleo diet? Vegan diet? Mediterranean diet? Atkins diet? Ketogenic diet? High carbohydrates or low? Raw food? Juices? Confusing? Absolutely. Too many choices. Conflicting medical opinions. We will explore insights from anthroposophy to discover principles of eating each of us can follow. —
Recommended reading: What Are We Really Eating? by Otto Wolff. All are welcome! Next date: March 10.
Contact: Katherine Vode – 201-803-6677 or Kdfinebooks1@gmail.com

11 Monday, 7pm, $20 suggested fee
Monthly eurythmy workshop

The Loom of Time

Linda Larson

Coming from the wishes of the soul in January, we will begin to discover how the threads of our lives are brought together and the design unfolds as it is woven in the loom of time. According to Greek myth, human destiny lay in the hands of three goddesses. One of these was Clotho, who spun the thread of life. We look forward to seeing you on the 11th. Next date: March 11. All levels of experience welcome; please bring soft-soled shoes.

Linda Larson: is a eurythmist, teacher, performer; Eurythmy in the Workplace; therapeutic eurythmist at Rudolf Steiner School, NYC; trained in Dornach, Switzerland, England, USA; MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art; larsoneurythmy.com

13 Wednesday, 7pm, $20 suggested fee
Monthly lecture - spiritual history


David T. Anderson

These lectures are building up a picture of Judaism and its role in world history and should be of interest to both Jews and non-Jews. Each lecture stands on its own, so come when you can!

Part 6: ROMAN RULE (63bc). • Herod. Schools (110-10bc). Hillel. War with Rome. Jesus. • The Tannaim (the Jewish sages). Johanan ben Zakkai (30-90ad). Gamaliel, grandson of Hillel. • The Mishnah (200ad). Babylon. The Talmud (completed 500).

March 13 – Part 7: ISLAM (600ad).

David Taulbee Anderson: has taught drawing & painting around the world. He has an MA in Art and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), and the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting).

18 Monday, 7pm, $20 suggested fee
Aquarius eurythmy circle

Share Your Light

Marta Stemberger

Tune into the wisdom of your Soul. Explore the kinesthetic wisdom of the Zodiac constellation of Aquarius, as the Sun is visiting its pale magenta house from February 15 through March 11. Yes, the dates are correct: they are based on the observable astronomical data. — Nurture your life forces by moving your body, soul and spirit in hygienic copper rod exercises, contemplating consonant M, and to the sounds of enlivening music.Learn a powerful harmonious movement meditation to cleanse your chakras, and a simple, yet potent exercise that you can practice yourself at home.And yes, go ahead... invite a friend or a family member to come with you.

Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed. Next date: March 18.

Marta Stemberger, MA,: is a eurythmist, harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Europe and the US since 1989. To read more about Marta and eurythmy, visit

22-23 Friday, 6:30pm, Saturday, 9:30am
First Class meetings

For members of the School of Spiritual Science

23 Saturday, 2pm, $20 suggested fee
Afternoon talk

Towards a Deepening of the Christmas Foundation Impulse

Gino Ver Eecke

As we near the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Foundation Meeting, let us prepare by making steps toward that lofty ideal that was planted in that week. In Rudolf Steiner’s words from January 13, 1924: “The soil in which the Stone was laid could be no other that the hearts and souls of those united in the Society. And the Foundation Stone itself must be the attitude of mind which grows when anthroposophy gives shape to life. This attitude in life, as it is required by the signs of the present time, lies in the will to find—by deepening the human soul—the path to an awakened vision of the Spirit and to a life proceeding from the Spirit.” Gino will explore with us this path.

Gino Ver Eecke: met anthroposophy at 16 in his native Belgium, spent a year on a BD farm in Switzerland, then came to New York, earning his diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley in 1994. He performed as Benedictus with the Threefold Mystery Drama Group including the Four Mystery Dramas festival in 2014, and at the Goetheanum in July 2018. He guides the work of the Threefold Branch, Chestnut Ridge, NY, and can be reached at gfbver@gmail.com

27 Wednesday, 7pm, donations welcome

Honoring Rudolf Steiner

On Rudolf Steiner’s birthday, let’s gather to celebrate what he offered to humanity. Email your favorite Steiner verse, paragraph, visual artwork, or eurythmy form to anthroposophynyc@gmail.com (subject “To Honor Rudolf Steiner”). The Programs Leadership Group will review contributions and prepare the evening.


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